YellowRibbon Network

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The Yellow Ribbon Network (YRN) is a centralized file management system containing accurate history and information documenting the eligibility and verification of Military and Veteran families seeking assistance. Through collaboration of like-minded organizations, the YRN is where Heroes can connect, communicate and receive the aid they seek from non-profits positioned to help.

Who are Heroes?

The people we call Heroes are not just Servicemembers and Veterans, but also includes spouses, family members, caregivers, survivors. In our opinion all of these people have sacrificed and they are our heroes. This website is for all of you.

File Management


File management is a business term that describes a collaborative process that assesses, plans, implements, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the options and services required to meet the needs of, in the case of the Yellow Ribbon Network, the needs of our Heroes. The majority of those needs fall in one way or another under the heading of financial assistance – emergency assistance, employment assistance, housing assistance. Comprehensive file management allows professionals to develop customizable applications and improved intake forms for those seeking assistance, significantly simplifying the process and eliminating struggles that often frustrate and discourage.

Financial Coaching & Counseling

The best tools we have to help our Heroes and their families are real people who have struggled through the same financial woes, who also needed a little help to get their financial affairs in order. We believe in the model of Veterans helping Veterans, and many of our partners in the YRN were also comrades-in-arms.




YRN’s comprehensive file management system allows our Heroes and our Partners to access from a single source information critical to carrying out their responsibilities while easing concerns over duplication of services. Maximizing the use of limited resources is key to providing assistance to Heroes and their families. Utilizing the Yellow Ribbon Network technology, Partners can compile background information, financial and employment histories, housing and financial assistance records of all kinds to develop a workable file plan.