YellowRibbon Network

how it works

The Yellow Ribbon Network (YRN) is a centralized file management system containing accurate history and information documenting the eligibility and verification of Military and Veteran families seeking assistance. Through collaboration of like-minded organizations, the YRN is where Heroes can connect, communicate and receive the aid they seek from non-profits positioned to help.

Who are Heroes?

The people we call Heroes are not just Servicemembers and Veterans, but also includes spouses, family members, caregivers, survivors. In our opinion all of these people have sacrificed and they are our heroes. This website is for all of you.


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YRN Partner Agencies reflect the strong commitment to more effectively meet needs by working together. Nonprofit organizations must collaborate to remain relevant and to sustain public awareness of the issues heroes face when they return home. The YRN provides technology-based collaboration that ensures resources are maximized by eliminating duplication of all kinds. Partners of the YRN, have everything they need in one location.


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As the national focus shifts from supporting those deployed to assisting with the challenges of reintegration, the YRN was built to as a single source to meet those challenges. The combined elements of the YRN provide a solid foundation to make a real difference where other methods fall short. Each Hero is provided their own private space on the YRN where they can store important documents, communicate with organizations who can assist them and utilize custom tools to help improve their opportunity to succeed in life after military service.


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The YRN is protected with comprehensive world-class security at every level. Hosted in a private cloud solution with Secure-24, the YRN is compliant, agile and flexible to maintain its mission being a "Network of Nonprofits, People and Information to Assist Military and Veteran Families Recover".