Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Yellow Ribbon Network?

Simply put, the Yellow Ribbon Network is the host for Service personnel, Honorably Discharged Veterans, Survivors and their families who need assistance with finances, housing, and education to connect with competent organizations and American Patriots who are equipped to meet those needs.   The Mission of the YRN is: To be a "Network of Nonprofits, People and Information to Assist Military and Veteran Families Recover".  

Who can apply to the Yellow Ribbon Network for help?

The Yellow Ribbon Network is available to any person who has worn this nation's uniform, Survivors and their families. Regardless of branch or period of service, rank, or active or reserve status, membership is free and enrollment is easy. The Yellow Ribbon Network is committed to finding a source to meet the needs of our members. Although we cannot guarantee each request will be met, our goal is to do our best. New member organizations, and Americans who want to help are encouraged to participate in the network so more needs and services can be taken care of.

Who are the Partner Organizations in the Yellow Ribbon Network?

The Yellow Ribbon Network was founded and is administered by VeteransPlus, a 501C3 nonprofit corporation. VeteransPlus is focused on financial education and literacy and believes it plays a vital role in all types of assistance.   The Partner Organizations belonging to the Yellow Ribbon Network work together and independently to support Service personnel, Veterans, Survivors and their families in a few basic areas: Financial Assistance, Financial Education and Housing Counseling. Some Partner Organizations cover more than one area of need; others may specialize in one particular area of service. By participating in the Yellow Ribbon Network, small and large organizations have the opportunity to work as a team to find the right resource to meet the needs of Heroes. All Partner Organizations who appear on the network have been approved by our Network Advisors and the Yellow Ribbon Network.  

As a participant of the Yellow Ribbon Network, is my personal information safe and secure?

Yes. When you register on the Yellow Ribbon Network your personal information is only available to authorized staff from the participating Partner Organizations. Your name and any personal information is never sold, shared, or provided for any purpose outside of the Yellow Ribbon Network. Further, you only need to enroll in the Yellow Ribbon Network once. Once you have applied and provided the necessary information and documentation you will not have to provide that information again, no matter how many times you require assistance or how many participating non-profits become involved in assisting you.   Security for the YRN is provided by Secure-24. World class security is their standard.

What documentation will I need when I apply and who will see it?

1) All documentation is for verification purposes only. Your documentation will be sent to the Partner Organization who provides the background check and/or service. If you are Service personnel, family member or a spouse of someone deployed, you will need your Military ID Card and a copy of your orders, if applicable. If you are a Veteran, family member or a spouse, you will need your DD-214, a copy of your driver's license and a copy of your VA service connected rating paperwork, if applicable.   If you are a Survivor you will need a copy of the death certificate and a copy of your driver's license.   2) All submitted copies need to be clear and legible. You may scan and upload them when applying.   3) Some additional information may be needed by Partner Organizations to assist you. 

How will I know the status of my request and which organization is helping me?

The status of your request for assistance is important and we know that. Our goal is to provide the most accurate and timely information regarding your request. The Yellow Ribbon Network Partner Organizations will update your status as soon as they have reviewed or taken action on your request. Remember, some requests may take longer as more information may be needed. In some cases the Yellow Ribbon Network non-profit organization working on your request may need to contact you for information as well. In all cases, you will be able to view the "real time" status of your request on the Yellow Ribbon Network's member profile and dashboard area.

Can I use the Yellow Ribbon Network more than once?

Yes. You can apply for assistance as your needs and circumstances change. However, it will be important for you to keep your member profile up-dated with the latest information. Also, you must be aware that the goal of the Yellow Ribbon Network is to provide assistance that leads to independence. Each request for assistance is treated as an individual record. You will have to apply separately for each need, but remember most of your information will be stored so the applications are easy to complete.

Am I guaranteed help when I apply to the Yellow Ribbon Network?

No. While we feel the Yellow Ribbon Network is the most effective and efficient means to apply for assistance, we can't guarantee that every request will be met. What we can guarantee is that every request will be posted on the network and will receive a thorough review and consideration by the Partner Organizations who can assist you. All requests for assistance are reviewed and prioritized based on the ability of the Partner Organizations to honor the request. Participating Partner Organizations do have limited resources and must devote those resources to the greatest area of need in accordance with their individual missions and criteria.

Why does the Yellow Ribbon Network ask for so much documentation?

We need to be sure that every request received by our Partner Organization is truly valid and that's the only way we can do it. Unlike the government, we do not have direct access to records about you, so we have to ask you to send the information to us. Our ability to provide the assistance you need is based on the accuracy and completeness of your application.

Will I need to register with every organization in the Yellow Ribbon Network?

No. The good thing about this registration is that you will only have to complete it once. After the initial registration, you may be asked to provide additional information and of course you may want to update your profile from time to time.

I need help right now, what do I do?

First things first, you have to apply for assistance on the Yellow Ribbon Network. Please be sure to tell us the urgency of your need. All cases are prioritized by urgency of need, so if you have an eviction notice in hand, or a disconnect notice, be sure to include that in your application. You will have space provided to tell us your specific circumstance.

Can you send money to me?

No, as part of our process, the Yellow Ribbon Network will need to verify the amount of the bill and send the payment directly to the agency collecting the debt. All information will need to be supplied to the network like: Company Name, Address, Phone Number, Contact Name and the exact amount you owe.

As an American Patriot who donates, are my donations tax-deductible?

Yes. The Yellow Ribbon Network was founded and is administered by VeteransPlus, a 501C3 non-profit corporation. VeteransPlus' EIN is 264702901. Your personal dashboard inside the network will allow you to see everyone who you have supported with a total donation amount so you can keep up to date records. VeteransPlus is focused on financial education and literacy and believes it plays a vital role in all types of assistance.   VeteransPlus can be reached via email at   [email protected]

How we're funded

The YRN is primarily funded through the support of donors by making additional small donations to the YRN itself for operation and administration. We also raise funds through corporate sponsors, foundations and grants related to our mission in Helping Heroes Afford Life!   With donations from American Patriots who give so unselfishly, we can provide support to those have defended the freedoms we all enjoy.   We thank you for your support.