How It Works

The Yellow Ribbon Network puts your purpose to work. A tool that turns passion into action, the Yellow Ribbon maximizes opportunities for our non-profit partners to meet the needs of Heroes simply and effectively. We describe US Military Service Members, Veterans, and/or their families and loved ones as “Heroes”. We understand the frustration our Heroes endure by repeatedly providing the same information to multiple service providers in a fruitless search to find a fit for their situation. We recognize the discouragement that threatens non-profit service providers struggling to find the right Heroes to help. This proprietary software was developed to ensure organizations of all sizes with a heart for Veterans can meet their needs efficiently.

The Yellow Ribbon Network offers Partners:

  • An affordable alternative to multiple technology solutions

  • Customizable content and controls

  • Robust case management functions, including file sharing and retention

  • The freedom to define which Hero requests are best suited to your organization

  • A secure platform for connecting with a community of engaged Heroes

  • Analytics at a glance, with detailed reporting of key metrics when needed

  • Simplified coordination of grant, donor, and volunteer resources

  • Reduced risk of abuse through centralized Hero request histories

  • An unparalleled opportunity for collaboration within your organization and with other like-minded non-profit partners

The Yellow Ribbon Network can amplify your organization’s efforts and hone in on the Heroes whose needs are closely aligned to your objectives. By augmenting the success of each partner organization, we achieve our own goal of ensuring our Heroes are getting the best possible care from an extensive array of support providers.

Membership for Heroes is and will always be free. In fact, we encourage all visiting Heroes to create a profile, even if they do not currently need assistance, in order to take advantage of our other resources. When Heroes join the Yellow Ribbon Network, you fill out profile information only once during registration. Should you need assistance in the future, you’re only asked to complete a short, incremental form detailing that specific request which is then browsable by all network partners. There is no need to repeat or re-enter information that hasn’t changed. An enduring but adaptable profile saves you time and improves the partnerships you can build with organizations looking to help. Your requests are available for all participating non-profit partners to review and given special attention by those partners offering services that best match your need.